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Information today is tangible! Information and data are sent and received at lightning speed. Battery-powered GPS asset tracker from Sensel Telematics, offers you real time information pertaining to the location and safety of your assets. With such advanced resources at your fingertips, it makes sense to digitize operations for increased productivity and smoother operations. With Sensel Telematics, tracking assets has never been so easy!

The Asset tracking systems in Bangalore are compatible with various types of assets which include high value assets, trucks, JCBs, freight containers and stationary equipment also. The device is easy to use and install, consume very less power.

Track, locate and manage assets

  • Track and Locate and assets in real time – anytime, anywhere!
  • Monitor the vehicular condition through an interactive dashboard – distance report, halt report, overspeed report, acceleration and harsh braking report, detailed route report and many more
  • Usage, work hour reports
  • Theft alerts
  • Interface it with temperature as required
  • Interface it with biometrics
  • Track missing assets with last known real time location.

Monitor assets performance

  • For fleets, interactive dashboard delivers insightful information about machine health and availability
  • Receive alerts and notifications in real time regarding vehicular breakdown/accident to provide immediate assistance.
  • Monitor vehicular health to prevent sudden breakdowns and production loss
  • Receive push notifications and email alerts on mobile devices regarding theft/tampering
  • Receive regular alerts across multiple devices including laptop, desktop, mobile and tablets.

At Sensel Telematics, we also provide industry specific solutions, which as you know is a prerequisite for asset-intensive industries such as transportation, manufacturing, heavy machinery, oil and gas etc. who invest billions of dollars in their assets. Regular tracking and monitoring of vehicular analytics is a daunting endeavor. We help you overcome these challenges with customized industry specific solutions.

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