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An asset tracking system is a must if your business’s revenue generation is largely dependent on logistics. This technology is relatively new in India and has a lot of ground to cover before it becomes truly relevant. A decade or two back, logistics essentially meant having your asset move from point A to point B. However, with modernization, stiff competition, and higher business standards, logistics has become a separate vertical of business operations. Yes, we still deliver goods from one point to another; however, it involves many more operational aspects of the business to improve performance and revenue over time.

The main use of having an asset tracking system is locating your asset’s current position from any part of the globe. The GPS device embedded in the tracking system emits a radio signal to the satellites which are sent back to the device once it is received. To get your location, the device will determine its exact position from four satellites which will send the signal back to the device. It also uses a technology called telemetry which can collect relevant information about the asset during operation. This information is gathered by the device and sent to the user who is located remotely. It can record data such as driving behaviour, speed limit, fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance, and idle time. etc. The combination of these two features allows the user to monitor the performance of the crew and the vehicle and suggest means to improve it if required. With increased competition and high regulatory requirements, it is imperative to improve the performance of the crew and the asset to ensure they deliver top results with minimal wastage. At Sensel Telematics, our years of deep understanding of the business and its challenges put us in a strong position to provide our clients with asset tracking solutions that will provide benefits for many years to come.


  Comments: 1

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