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AIS 140 is an intelligent transport system. This intelligent transport system is a much-needed requirement for vehicles. The vehicles on the road are increasing day by day. Therefore there is a need for a governing set of rules containing emergency and safety standards. These guidelines are to be applied in all types of public transport systems.

What type of people need Sensel’s AIS 140 compliant GPS vehicle tracking devices?
● Private Bus Operators
● Car & Bus Taxi fleet owners
● Rental taxis service providers
● Taxi-hailing service providers
● State Transport
● Schools, Colleges and institutional buses
● Self-driven car rental operators

An AIS 140 certification makes the government or private fleet smarter. This device helps by obtaining the information through multiple satellite systems. The system enables secure data transfer to the data centres. To ensure maximum safety, the AIS140 devices allow the access of minimum two IP addresses. One of these addresses will be monitored by the government and another one will be used for emergency purposes.

● Safety and security
● Emergency Alert
● Reversing assistance
● Outside vehicles at bus stops/depots.
● SOS emergency call
● Multiple alarms
● 50000 pieces of data storage

We, Sensel Telematics are the prime dealers of AIS 140 compliant GPS vehicle tracking devices. These devices are highly durable and require low maintenance.

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