Control & Track For Ready Mix Concrete Using Fleet Tracking

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The real-estate business has been on a steady rise over the recent years owing to the opening up of the economy and more investments coming in from foreign businesses from all fields. This, in turn, has led to an increase in the development of real estate for a variety of requirements. Whether it is a residential complex, IT Park, manufacturing plant, or commercial building, there is a surplus of investment given the opportunity investors see in India.

Building structures and developing infrastructures require several tools and equipment which are moved from one project to another upon completion. A concrete mixer is one of the most important and commonly used while making any structure. The real estate developers move this device from one site to another depending on the projects they undertake. With the increased movement of assets constantly across locations, keeping a track of their whereabouts can become a challenge. A fleet tracking device can be discreetly attached to the concrete mixer which will allow its user to track its position at any time of the day. It uses a GPS- enabled tracker that allows you to monitor your asset remotely through a mobile phone or a desktop computer. The fundamental principle behind how it operates is as follows; your GPS device will emit a radio signal to the satellites which are sent back to the device once it is received. To get your location, the device will determine its exact position from four satellites which will send the signal back to the device. This allows its users to monitor their assets on the site while ensuring all projects are running as per schedule.

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