Easy tracking solutions for efficient School Bus route management

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In the present situation, safe transportation of school children is the main concern of parents. Although parents place their trust completely in the school authorities, they still have concerns regarding the safety of their children once they board the bus.

This complex situation of managing different groups of personnel and students at different localities and different modes has posed a constant challenge to school managements. To overcome such situations, schools have rolled up their sleeves to play an active role in tracking school bus routes. This challenge is tackled with ease thanks to School Bus Tracking devices from Sensel Telematics. With the tracking system in place, parents can now monitor the vehicle movement and real time location. This leads to better safety of children and great peace of mind for parents.

Equipping school buses with a GPS Tracking System enables tracking of school buses on a real-time basis. This will let the parents know instantly the time when buses reach the specified destination. This also reduces the waiting time for buses.

In case of any emergency or vehicular breakdown, the GPS Tracking System alerts both parents as well as school management thereby helping them make active decisions. GPS tracking monitors the movement of the speed of the vehicle and undesignated stoppages too.

We, Sensel Telematics, are the leading manufacturers of GPS tracking devices for school buses. Our devices are durable and require very low maintenance.

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