Fleet Management Solutions in India

Fleet Management Solutions in India

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Fleet Management Solutions in India

  • Sensel Telematics is the leading choice for providing Fleet Management Solutions in India. This position achieved through a variety of portfolio of devices which provide industry-specific solutions.
  • The few management solutions that are taken care of include Driver and vehicle management, NFC based attendance system or RFID card reader, analytics, alert system, reports, customer communication model, and driver performance management which includes rewards.
  • The device that best provides Fleet Management Solutions in India is the fleet-SMART. The GPS tracker provides accurate real-time location of fleet vehicles at any given time through geofencing, which is a virtual perimeter that detects when a vehicle enters or exits its boundaries.

Fleet Management Solutions in India

Product Specifications

GPRS/GSM Specification:

  • Dual Band EGSM (900/1800 MHz)
  • Mobile station class B supporting GPRS Class 10, coding schemes 1 to 4 and PBCCH
  • Module approvals: fully type approved conforming R&TTE directive, CE, GCF
  • SMS (text/data)
  • 3 GPP Release 4
  • TCP/IP

Output Power:

  • – Class 4 (2W) @ 900 MHz
  • – Class 1 (1W) @ 1800 MHz

GSM Sensitivity:

  • ≤- 108 dBm (Typ.) @ 850/900 MHz
  • ≤- 107 dBm (Typ.) @ 1800/1900 MHz

GPS Specifications:

  • GPS L1 1575.42MHz C/A Code
  • Horizontal Position Accuracy < 2.5 m CEP
  • NMEA-0183

Storage Specification:

  • 24 hours back up in internal flash in no network conditions.

Environment Specification:

  • Operating Temperature: -10 deg C to +70 deg C
  • ESD: up to 12kV

Electrical Specification:

  • Input Voltage Range: 9V to 30V
  • Protected against load dumps
  • Current consumption: < 0.5 Amps (avg) at 12V

Fleet Management Solutions in India
Fleet Management Solutions in India
  • The device monitors the health of the vehicle, speed, and fuel levels and sends regular notifications to the fleet managers. A dashboard indicates various reports and analytics that indicate distance reports, route reports, halt or Overspeed reports and so on which can be viewed by the fleet managers through an application or browser and on devices like a mobile, PC, or laptop.
  • Other features include a panic button, tamper detection, long-lasting battery, internal antenna, and 2 LED indicators for GSM and GPS activity.
  • Programmable update rate (> 10 seconds)
  • TCP/IP and HTTP support
  • Panic button
  • Internal Antenna (GSM and GPS)
  • 2 LED indicators for GSM and GPS activity
  • RS232 port for interface with accessories (optional)
  • Tamper detection
  • 2.6AH LiIon battery ( > 12 hrs)