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VTX-75 GPS Tracking System

VTX 75  is the industry’s most compact and feature-rich vehicle tracking system, with internal antennas. The unit also supports 2-way, hands-free voice communication and supports additional digital and analog inputs for monitoring door OPEN/CLOSE, AC ON/OFF, temperature/humidity for special cargo, monitoring barrel rotation for cement mixers and so on.

Fleet management vehicle tracking system

  1. Fully field customizable real-time GPS tracking solution
  2. 2-way voice communication (hands-free and handset options available)
  3. Internal antenna permitting optional fully concealed installation
  4. Fuel pilferage monitoring, Geo-fence alerts, Real-time speed alerts.
  5. Can interface with sensors such as cameras, RFID, fingerprint readers
  6. Intelligent power management to save power when the vehicle is unused for long durations
  7. Dual hosted server technology to guarantee true 24×7 uptime.
  8. Supports HTTP and TCP/IP protocol for data upload
  9. Easy (cable-free) configuration of the unit via SMS and GPRS
  10. Operates over a wide range of DC voltages 9-30V.
  11. It can store up to 48 hours of position data in internal memory.
  12. Panic button
  13. Latest SiRFstarIIITM Chipset based GPS (2.5 m accuracy)
  14. Quad-band EGSM for world-wide operability
  15. European modules (CE, R&TTE,GCF,FCC,PTCRB, IC, Anatel) approved