Increase efficiency and productivity with GPS tracking devices for trucks

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GPS devices are much needed for trucks and pickup deliveries. People feel a constant urge to contact drivers about changes in pickups, deliveries and service calls, and to know where their shipment is. The frequent calls asking “Where are you now?” is highly distracting to the driver and could also result in unforeseen delays or mishaps even! Imagine how much time and resources are squandered in managing a fleet!

The solution is simple yet effective and involves tracking all fleet vehicles in real time. One can monitor the travelled route of each vehicle for the day and let the worries of delivery vanish. If a customer calls and has an urgent pickup or service call requirement, with the help of GPS tracking devices you can visually see the closest vehicle and direct that vehicle for the delivery. Even if the field driver is delayed, another close by driver can be directed to make the delivery. This greatly improves productivity, profitability and reduces intermittent calls to drivers.

The device is also able to monitor vehicular statistics and alert for maintenance if required. Driver behaviour is also recorded with respect to harsh acceleration, braking and cornering for necessary action by the management. The device is theft and tamper proof, making it a reliable source of information for the fleet management. We are the prime manufacturers of GPS tracking devices for trucks in India. We, Sensel Telematics are known for our premium quality and long lasting products.

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