Manage fleet efficiently with Sensel’s fleet management solutions

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Sensel Telematics is the leading manufacturer and supplier of highly efficient Fleet Management Solutions in India. Reduce cost, optimize, logistics and increase safety of fleet with our portfolio of devices. Our devices are designed to provide industry-specific solutions to our wide range of customers requirements.

Sensel Telematics fleet management solutions include a GPS and GSM devices with a broad spectrum of features, Driver and vehicle management, RFID card reader to record attendance, analytics, alert system, reports, customer communication model, driver performance management and biometric system to authenticate driver. It can also interface with other accessories like temperature sensors and immobilizers. Sensel’s Fleet-Smart is your perfect choice catering to a wide range of fleet management solutions in India. Our GPS trackers provide accurate real-time location of vehicles at any given time. The solution with built in high precision gps gives an accuracy of less 2.5 metre. Sensel’s GPS creates a virtual geographic boundary with close geofencing of area of interest. This enables the system to send an alert whenever a vehicle enters or leaves a that particular area. With Sensel’s fleet management solutions, get the right alert at the right time, optimize route and reduce trip delays, detect fuel theft and reduce fuel cost.

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