The next step in safeguarding school buses – School bus tracking solutions

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While utmost safety and security is maintained in schools today, it is important to extend the same safety when the children are en route to and from school. The simplest solution is to track the real time location of the bus during the active trips. This can be done with a state-of-the-art GPS device from Sensel Telematics, the forerunners in providing effective School bus tracking solutions in India.

The GPS tracking device for school buses relays data via an IOS and Android mobile application for school management and parents. This data includes the scheduled stops and the route taken. Any delay or deviation in the route can be addressed at once as the data is available in real time. There is an option to have an RFID reader interface integrated with the device which records the attendance of the students as they enter and exit the bus. The device has built in tools to ensure smooth and timely transportation.

Encountering traffic in cities is inevitable. With this device, parents and school management can be updated upon the location of the school bus at all times. The device also comes with additional features such as

  • Optimizing transport operations
  • Safety analytics
  • Automatic Emailing of Reports as per schedule
  • Route replay with multiple speeds and time indicator

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