Stop theft of your cars and bikes even before it happens

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Technology is developing continuously. We live in a world where every person who earns a
decent income owns a car or a bike. The cars manufactured today, come with the latest
technology. You can have complete control of your vehicle both digitally and remotely. The cars
and bikes generally come installed with a GPS tracker. But, we, Sensel telematics, recommend
you to install an anti-theft GPS tracker for your vehicles even if they are used only for personal
purposes. Installing this tracker will set you up against vehicular theft. Whenever the vehicle
deviates from its normal route or moves during an untimely hour, you will receive an alert via
SMS on your device. This will give you enough time to take decisive action and alert the
concerned authorities.

We are the leading manufacturers for Anti-theft GPS trackers for cars. We even specialize in
Anti-theft GPS trackers for bikes. It is highly important to safeguard your cars and bikes from
theft. Our budget-friendly GPS tracker allows you to track the location of the vehicle and
update you its location at all times and has a broad range that gives you real-time location
updates. Due to the superior quality and faultless mechanism of our products, we stand to be
the best in this industry. As one of the leading Smart tracking device manufacturers in India,
Sensel Telematics Pvt Ltd also provides telematics solutions to various kinds of logistics
operations for a variety of industries. Our hardware is manufactured in world-class ISO
9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949:2009 facilities. Being the recipient of Frost & Sullivan – all India Best
Practices Award, we are committed to high quality and timely delivery of products.

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