Tracking is easy and accurate with Sensel’s highly efficient GPS devices

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Sensel telematics is one of the leading GPS manufacturing companies in India. Established 14 years ago, Sensel has been among the top companies in the telematics field with its advanced GPS solutions to customers of various industrial verticals.
Sensel’s asset tracking solution with a robust, practical, and water-resistant enclosure are very easy to install and easy to use. Our asset trackers are extremely easy to install even though they are combined with different mounting accessories. Developed on a smart power optimization algorithm for a long battery lifetime, our asset trackers are bound to make tracking, locating and managing the inventory easier.

Our devices are perfectly suitable for valuable goods tracking, wire reels, tools, construction equipment, elevators, containers, and many other non-powered assets. Usually, our devices operate communicating with multiple satellites at different locations, at least four of that at any given time. After the receiving a signal, our system calculates the amount of time it took for each signal to travel to and from the device. Once the system calculates the time, it pinpoints the device’s location on the Earth’s surface by triangulation. The main features of our devices include enhanced tamper detection, accelerometer wake up, GPS and LBS, indoor tracking, Bluetooth sensor support, recovery mode record sending by schedule, auto, and manual Geo-fence. To avail premium quality and efficient GPS devices from the leading GPS manufacturing companies in India, contact us today.

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