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The biggest challenge of owning a vehicle is to protect it from theft or robbery. It doesn’t matter if you are an individual or a company, the safety of your vehicle is paramount. After all, it involves considerable investment and also provides several conveniences and utilities. While vehicle owners and manufacturers have come up with ingenious means to protect their vehicles from theft, many of them are rudimentary and ineffective in the long run. After a series of research and development initiatives over the years, an anti-theft GPS tracking system was developed which is an amalgamation of multiple technologies fitted into a single compact unit.

This device is compact, sturdy, and can be attached to any vehicle discreetly. It employs mainly two technologies; GPS and Telematics. The first technology helps one in locating the position of the vehicle remotely with the use of satellites from any part of the globe in real-time while the second technology can transmit information to a connected computer system and control the vehicle remotely which is crucial in maintaining the performance of the vehicle while also preventing theft or robbery. The use of this technology has seen mercurial growth in recent years given the growing dependency on vehicles to perform various tasks. Here are the following benefits of using an anti-theft GPS tracking system:

  • Real-time monitoring of vehicles: It doesn’t matter where you are or where your vehicle is. It can be tracked easily on any given day.
  • Instant alerts for any change in the status of the vehicle: Owners can be notified when the vehicle is on the move or idle. It can also notify users in case any unusual pattern is detected while using the vehicle.
  • Video and audio connectivity to connect with the crew: You can speak and see the crew at all times.
  • Immobiliser and alarm fitted in the vehicle: The vehicle can go on a lockdown which will make it immobile at a moment’s notice in case of any emergency or suspicious activity.
  • Ability to send out SOS to police and owner in case of emergency: Most vehicles are fitted with a telecommunication device that contacts emergency services like the police or fire department in case of theft or fire.
  • Multiple levels of security just to access the controls of the vehicle: Merely having the key to the vehicle isn’t enough to get control. It will require multiple codes to access the system.

With Sensel Telematics at the helm of things, you are assured of years of our expertise, insight and commitment to the trade. Founded in 2007 by a team of visionaries whose goal is to revolutionise the industry of logistics and vehicle protection systems, we have made a mark for ourselves in the business through hard work, persistence, and innovation. Quality and consistency are our main focus; our actions are determined by this goal. We are an ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified company which is a globally recognised benchmark for outstanding quality and robust systems. Our devices are also recognised by multiple regulatory bodies across the globe such as ARAI, ICAT, and 3UL among others. That’s not all; the hardware is also IP66, SAE J 1455, MIL 202, and ARA certified. Here at Sensel Telematics, we are driven by our passion and our shared vision to be a brand name that prioritises quality, performance, and innovation above all.

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