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If your business involves transportation and logistics, having a robust asset tracking system is a must. Here’s why – you can keep a track of your fleet’s movement, keep in constant touch with your crew, assist the crew in case of emergencies, monitor the vehicle’s behavior and driving pattern to improve productivity over time, etc. Increased operations, tight schedules, and strict business guidelines have made it imperative for business owners to monitor their fleet’s movement to increase their performance by minimizing delays and downtime. Merely transporting goods from point A to point B won’t cut it anymore.

At Sensel Telematics, we strive to provide our customers with solid asset tracking systems that can endure extreme conditions and yet deliver accurate information to the users at all times. This device can be easily installed in any vehicle. Once it is set up, it will send, receive and store data that can be accessed by the user through their phone or a desktop. It is connected through a wireless network that is set up in the vehicle. Our products are manufactured in ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS16949:2009 certified facilities and also recognized by various regulatory bodies such as ARAI, ICAT, and UL among others. Our R&D is solely responsible for our ground-breaking technology which is made right from the scratch in our test labs. Be it the hardware design, software development, and production of the device, our R&D team is at the heart of it all. As a leading maker of asset tracking systems in India, our goal is to raise the business standards that will allow us to become a major global player. To know more visit our website today!

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