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Best car GPS trackers in India – That’s all we need to search on the internet to get an exhaustive list of GPS tracking device manufacturers in the market. Many companies in the market specialise in keeping track of vehicles 24/7 without losing connectivity along with a host of other features. GPS Trackers make use of satellite technology to detect and transmit the location of your vehicle with ease. They are used for various purposes which include keeping track of children, pets, and any other assets of high value. Although, the most common use of this device is to keep track of vehicles for individuals and business concerns alike.

With the rising popularity of GPS technology in recent decades, the product has experienced growing traction in demand.  This has led to the incorporation of various other technologies to boost its capabilities many fold. Thanks to its ever-increasing range of applications, the Indian consumer market has become the holy grail for all GPS tracker manufacturers that has the potential not only to expand its opportunities as a business but also become a part of a commercial and industrial expansion which is the highlight of the current era.

While connecting with a well-reputed GPS tracking device manufacturer for vehicles is relatively easy, finding a company that suits your needs might take a little more effort. Depending on the customer base, GPS tracking devices come in various builds, specifications, and capabilities. You can get small and compact devices which can perform rudimentary functions or you can go for a more upscale version of the same device with a wide array of features and capabilities. Some companies can also custom-build your device based on specific instructions from the customer. While all of this might be a blessing for most of us given the number of options to choose from, it can also be quite overwhelming at times. For this reason, companies engaged in this business now have to work closely with their customers to ensure they deliver the right solutions each time after understanding the needs of their clients.

Sensel Telematics has been at the forefront for over fifteen years changing the landscape of the business step by step. Backed by years of experience in the business along with a team of highly skilled and driven individuals, we have set our sights on disrupting the way we conduct business and live our lives. Our GPS devices are built to meet a variety of standard applications for domestic, commercial, and industrial applications while leaving ample room for customisation as and when needed. Strict adherence to quality and performance measures allows us to expand our portfolio and help our customers with every requirement effectively. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified and our hardware has various certifications such as IP66, SAE J 1455, MIL 202, and ARAI.

What truly keeps us ahead of the curve is our ability to seamlessly combine our unmatched capabilities, adherence to quality guidelines, and understanding of our customer’s unique needs to deliver GPS tracking solutions made truly for them.

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