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The automobile industry in India has been on a perpetual boom for the last two decades with no signs of slowing down despite the recent pandemic. The main reason for this is increased economic stability, better job market, financing options, and foreign investment in various sectors of the country. This has also led to a rise in demand for various allied products and services over recent years. One particular product that has caught the attention of users from all walks of life is the vehicle tracking device. Although this particular product has a presence in the commercial and industrial sectors, its demand has skyrocketed in recent years in all sectors and particularly in the consumer sector.

So, why the sudden change in preference for a product?

The answer is simple. Dissemination of information in the age of the internet and finding the right placement with potential customers given its applications. With the increased number of vehicle owners on individual or organisational/institutional level, theft of these vehicles have also increased in equal proportion. Installing a GPS tracking device can help in curbing such incidents effectively and also provide many other functionalities other than keeping a track of the vehicle. And for this reason, companies engaged in the production and distribution of tracking devices have been making a killing in the last decade non-stop. GPS trackers use a variety of technologies which includes GPS receivers, cellular radio, and satellite modems; this allows the device to remain connected at all times from any part of the globe. They can be made in various shapes and sizes to suit the user’s needs. It is also integrated with telematics to provide a wider range of operations and capabilities. It can be used for fleet management, vehicle security, emergency services, and military operations too. Simply put; the choices are endless. All you need to do is make a list of your requirements and present it to a manufacturer that specialises in such services.

To be fair, most companies engaged in the production and distribution of tracking devices have their share of capabilities and may specialise in specific sectors rather than working in every available domain. Hence, it’s not a matter of finding the “best tracking device for a vehicle in India” but connecting with a company that matches your requirements. Some may be generic while others may be niche,’ but the essentials remain the same; to find the provider that works best for you.

Sensel Telematics has been on the frontline of this technological revolution for over fifteen years with its sights set on not only being the best in the business but also changing the way we work and live. Pioneering the GPS tracking device industry with our world-class offerings and detailed understanding of the industry, we have set very high benchmarks for our peers to follow and adhere to. In addition to building a fully equipped production facility, it also adheres to quality norms set by ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2009. Our hardware bears various quality certifications such as IP66, SAE J 1455, MIL 202, and ARAI. We are one of the very few companies which have end-2-end competencies in this domain. In 2016, we were also awarded the prestigious Frost & Sullivan – All India Best Practices Award.

Here at Sensel Telematics, we bring newfound confidence in all your endeavours that allow you to make the most of your investment and bear the fruits of your effort in due course of time.

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