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If you are in the business of transportation, it’s a common practice to keep track of your fleet to ensure they reach their destination safely and on time. Fleet Smart is a comprehensive and customisable suite of technology that fleet owners can opt for based on their specific requirements. It hosts an array of systems to provide data over long distances based on the user’s requirements. This allows the users to optimise their operations based on the prevailing conditions on a specific route. You can opt for various forms of data you wish to collect based on its relevance such as analytics, journey risk management, vehicle maintenance, self-diagnostics, alarm system, GPS, remote immobiliser, and so forth. These features allow you to control your fleet remotely and supervise the operations effectively and meet the assigned targets month after month.

At Sensel Telematics, applying technology to meet the most crucial requirements with minimal effort is our goal. Not only does our product deliver but it is also certified and recognised by several regulatory bodies such as ARAI, ICAT, and UL among others. Our products are also manufactured in ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified facility which speaks volumes for our commitment to quality and consistency. We are also the proud recipient of the prestigious Frost & Sullivan – All India Best Practices Award 2016. Get more out of your fleet, visit our website now.

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