Journey Risk Management for The Cargo Industry

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JRM (Journey Risk Management) is essentially a process that scientifically identifies the risks that might be involved while taking a particular route and mitigating it to the best extent possible. It is a must-have especially when you are involved in the cargo industry that involves travelling extensively across the country. Having a robust JRM tool not only helps you in minimising the risks but also helps in optimising the productivity of your fleet by reviewing the data collected over a particular route over time. JRM keeps a tab of all available secondary routes, accident-prone areas, traffic conditions, and other services available along the route, etc. All this information allows the fleet to take the best course of action to ensure high productivity and safety for the crew. JRM is a GPS-based tool with an array of other devices that collects information from the vehicle as it goes through the motion. This information is collected at the data centre from where the user can monitor the vehicle throughout its entire journey and helps the crew in real-time as and when it is needed.

With its superior build and features, Sensel Telematics has made a niche for itself in the field of telematics and provides the much-needed support to build a solid JRM system for its clients. Our devices are also recognised by various regulatory bodies such as ARAI, ICAT, UL among others. In addition to the host of features we support, we also work closely with our clients to address specific requirements put forth by our clients to help deliver the most comprehensive and effective JRA system in the business. To know more about us, visit our website now.

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