Machine and Equipment Tracking in India

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Industrialization and modernization have led to increased movement of goods, services, machinery, and equipment to fulfill a wide range of business commitments. While the goods and services are finite and perishable by the nature of the business conducted, the same principle does not apply to machinery and equipment. For example, vehicles and other heavy machinery can be used for a number of tasks depending on the client and the industry they are involved in; Real estate, steel, automotive, and mining industries use a number of heavy machinery and equipment to perform tasks for a defined period after which they are assigned to some other client or requirement. Business entities providing such services need to keep close track of their machines and equipment through telematics devices; a telematics device is mainly used to locate the position of the asset from any part of the globe. Additionally, it can also monitor the usage and status of your assets remotely, particularly vehicles if needed.

Sensel Telematics is a market leader in telematics providing a wide range of services in addition to tracking assets from any part of the globe. This allows users to ensure their assets are traceable, safe and in working condition.  Our deep understanding of the business and our customers’ needs allows us to combine excellence and experience to provide high ROI for our customers every time.

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