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A telematics device is a compact gadget which records information about your driving behavior,
for instance, how fast you drive, how fast you brake, the distance you travel and the location
you travel to. Telematics systems perform different functions by acquiring vehicle location and
activity data, and turning this into a business insight. In simple words, the device works by
capturing vehicle location data via a GPS enabled device installed in a vehicle. Installing a
telematics device in your car, bike or in large vehicles that carry physical assets is paramount for
the safety and security of your goods.
Sensel Telematics Pvt Ltd are Telematics device solution providers in India. We provide
services to all kinds of logistics operations in various industries. Our hardware is manufactured
in world-class ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949:2009 facilities. Our in-time delivery, high quality
and reliability of the products have made us top the list of the best telematics device providers
in the country. The products we deal with are of superior quality and work without any faults.

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