Real Time Vehicle Tracking Systems In Bangalore

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Imagine having a fleet of trucks that moves through the length and breadth of the country all year round. It is quite natural for us to check where our fleet is exactly on any given day under such a scenario. This allows us to understand how soon the fleet will reach its destination or not in some cases. Being able to track the fleet in real-time enables the users to plan for any contingencies and so forth. Hence, having a real-time vehicle tracking system is a must in the current scheme of things since we follow a tight schedule and try to optimize the process which in turn helps the business to sustain itself. Real-time vehicle tracking systems rely on the accuracy and the device’s capability to transmit information continuously. While several companies provide real-time vehicle tracking systems in Bangalore, only a few are up to this task and can deliver optimal output as per a customer’s expectations. Sensel Telematics is one of the leading manufacturers of real-time vehicle tracking systems in Bangalore. We are one of the few companies which have end-2-end competencies in this domain.

The secret behind our products’ top-of-the-line technology is our R&D team which is run by a bunch of technology-obsessed individuals. They are responsible for the entire work end-to-end; the hardware design, software development, and production of the device. Some might say they are crazy even! It doesn’t end there, the products are made in our ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified facilities. We have also received the prestigious Frost & Sullivan – All India Best Practices Award in 2016. Last but not the least; we put a lot of effort into ensuring we deliver the best service to our customers, big or small. Our sales and management teamwork proactively to ensure our technologically advanced services are delivered to our customers with a smile and earnestly.

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