Tracking/Telematics Support for Frozen Foods

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Telematics refers to a branch of IT that enables the transmission of data from various electronic/mechanical devices to a data centre that collects this information for real time tracking  and analysis for future reference. This technology is increasingly used in managing vehicles and with the increase in production of vehicles globally, it is expected to be applied on a bigger scale. Telematics is also being used in the food industry progressively to keep a track of perishable food items which are either stored in their freezers or transported across long distances. Various devices and sensors are used in the storage area to get live data on the temperature inside the container. A robust telematics system can keep you apprised about any downtime considering time is of the essence when it comes to such goods. Additionally, these containers also provide the provision for storing different food items which require different temperatures to keep the food fresh by the means of compartmentalising the space accordingly. These storage devices are also customized to the customers’ needs as and when required.

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